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We use cookies to facilitate visitors relate to our content, allow the develop statistics on the visits that we receive, and display contents related to preferentes by the análisis of web navigator habits. In compliance with the directive 2009/136/EC developed in our legal system by the second paragraph of article 22 of the law of information society services, and as established by the “Spanish Agency of Data Proteccion”, we proceed to inform you details of the use that is made on our website.

Cookies are few small files that are saved in the navigator used by each visitor of our web site, so that the Server can remember the visit of this user later, when the visitor return to access our content. This information does not reveal your identity or personal date, nor access to content store our PC, but allow that our system can identify you, as a particular user, who already visited the website previously etc. , and also allows to save your personal preferences and technical information, such as for example the visits previous made, or pages specific that you visit.

If you don’t wish that any cookies could be saved in your navigator, or if you prefer to receive informations each time that a cookie request installed, you can configure your navigation options. Most of web navigators allow the cookies management of 3 different forms:

  • Cookies are always rejected
  • The navigator asks if the user wants to install each cookie
  • Cookies are always accepted

Your navigator can also incluye the possibility to select with more details, cookies that you want can be installed on your computer. In particular, the users can normally accept any of the following options:

  • Reject cookies from certain domains;
  • Reject cookies from third parties;
  • Accept cookies as non-persistent;
  • Allow the server to create cookies for a different domain.

You can find information on how to configure the most used navigators in:

We can not be held responsible for the contents and veracity of the privacy policy of the cookies from third parties, ( those that are alien to our website); So the information we offer, we always refer to the origin. If in doubt, contact the webmaster of the creative domain of the cookie.

We inform you of the cookies that may be installed from our site; Depending on your navigator, you can install all o only some of them.

Personal información collected for the following purposes, and using the following services:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics es a web analytics service provided by Google that use the collected date to track down and review the use of this website, to prepare reports of their activities and share with other Google services.

Google can also use the data collected to contextualize and personalize your own and network ads.

Personal data collected: cookie and usage data.

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Button+1 and social widgets of Google+, are interaction with Google+ social network services.

Personal data collected: cookie and usage data.

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The button “Like”, and facebook social widgets, are services the interaction with social networking site Facebook. There services allow you to interact with Facebook, directly from the pages of this website.

The interactions and the information obtained by this website, will be subjected to the privacy configuration of the user of Facebook.

It is posible that, even if the users do not use the service, this collect data of traffic concerning the pages in which they are installed.

Personal data collected: cookie and usage data.

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The tweet button and the social widgets for twitter are interaction services with the twitter social network.

Personal data collected: cookie and usage data.

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