Address: Lugar de Vilar, 6, 36687 Rivela – La Estrada (Pontevedra)

Coordinates: 42°38’50.8″N | 8°25’02.5″O (42.647446, -8.417361)

In order to get to Rivela, there are two options:

  1. Coming from Orense by national road N640: turn left at kilometer 203 following the route VINSEIRO-MEAVIA (PO-2016). Drive on for 8 kilometres until you find a detour to the right which leads to RIVELA. This detour has indications to take you to the house which is located 1 km. away.
  2. Coming from Santiago or Pontevedra, you will find indications in the city center to get to CODESEDA-FORCAREY (PO-7001). Drive on for 7 km. until you reach a detour on the right going to RIVELA; follow the indications towards the hamlet called VILAR. At this detour you will find suitable directions as to how to get to the house.