A Rapa das Bestas – A Estrada

Sabucedo is a parish located in the south of the “ Concello de Estrada”, with an area of 5,9 km2; Has a single entily of poplation, and at presentt does not exceed 60 residents people. In Sabucedo, however, has one of the hightest manifestations of authenticity, identity, and collective will of all those who make up our culture legacy: A RAPA DAS BESTAS OF SABUCEDO.

The “rapa” begins recalling ancestral link of the horses with the divine. During the sunrise mass, is requested protection to San Lorenzo, for animals and all people who partecipate in the festival. Then, neighbors and visitors climbs to the mountain searching the horses, working groups bringing together the herds. Finally, on Saturday they lead in a big “fence” to the village;

The most spectacular of the feast is the “ curro” where the “AILOTADORES” and horses confront technique and strength melee, to immobilize the animal and finally cut her mane.

There is an area of camping, and a surprising offer of nightlife.