Prehistoric art & historic-artistic and monumental area

For Prehistoric Art lovers, we can offer you a visit to the PREHISTORIC ROCK ART area located in Campo Lameiro with more than 21 hectares, where you can find rock carvings in an excellent state of preservation, petroglyphs and the recreation of a small village of more than 4,000 years and , in addition, an interpretative centre-museum.

Pure enjoyment!

Another interesting place to visit is PEDRE in the municipality of Cerdedo. Pedre, also called the “inland Combarro”, is a place where there are many granaries (old stone constructions for storing grain) in the so called “eira grande”.

These granaries, 22 altogether, dating back from the year 1899, were used to store corn and are insulated from the ground by several blocks of stone. From the Eira Grande you can go to the romanesque bridge of Pedre, over the river Lérez.