Xenerais da Ulla – Comarca da Ulla

In the region of “Ulla”, at the time of Carnaval, is when you can enjoy this festival, the most prominent in this region gives ULLA, and which is carried out from the first half of 19th century.

The “XENERAIS” are on horseback dressed as with precious military clothing, including carnaval decorations, as well as their horses. These clothers attract attention by its originality, colour, tradición and degree of elaboration, which make having a great value.

Figure recreate historical moments of armed clashes that were experienced in this region: the invasión of the army of Napoleón, or the Carlist war.

The “XENERAIS” throught parishes throughtout the day, accompanied by parades and partying.

Complete staging dialectical confrontations in pairs, taking advantage of making jokes and satires of local issues,politics and heart happened during the year.

It has been declared a Festival of tourist interest in Galicia.